is a dynamic and growing company in the tobacco field.
It is the result of many years activity in the tobacco cultivation sector.
It is located in Karpochori Karditsas, in the heart of the Thessaly Plain.


KOUVAROS's TOBACCO main activity is sorting, packing and trading of VIRGINIA variety tobacco leaves , which is produced by local producers in the wider region of West Thessaly.

Our Vision

Improved rural livelihoods and sustainable seed growing systems.

Our Mission

To promote agroecological principles and rural entrepreneurship through capacity development.
Profitable growth through superior customer service, innovation, quality and commitment.

Our Values

Respect and value for local knowledge and innovations
Value for the environment and ecosystems
Professional, effective and informed by relevant science
Creative, flexible and innovative
Sensitivity and respect
Quality, equality and ethics


For us, the trust and the bonds with our partner-producers is our strength.
We offer scientific advice and guidance at every stage of production from sowing to collection based on the production of high quality tobacco products, respecting the environment and the work of farmers.
Our company implements all the strict protocols and criteria required, for a top quality and eco-friendly product.